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The cloud has given us all freedom. Provided you have the internet, your business is now completely mobile.

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Accessible Business 24/7

As more and more businesses move to a distributed workforce model, the importance of accessing data, sharing information and collaborating online is now a crucial part of business operations.

Every IT department is different, every business challenge is unique. The Rachis team will work with you to identify how a cloud-based solution can improve how you operate. Our approach puts your business needs first, creating tailored solutions to get you established and operational in the cloud.

We’ll support you through the migration phase and be there to see that your data remains accessible and secure into the future. It is a common misconception that data on the cloud is backed up, so not only will we ensure your data is accessible, but that it's also protected too.

We invite you to speak with the team about how we can support your business to grow and evolve.