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The Rachis team is best-placed to offer insights into how to improve systems and then implement the changes throughout your business.

Digital Solutions

There is no particular “one-size fits all” solution for digital transformation. With technology changing at a constant and rapid rate, maintaining current and relevant IT is critical to staying ahead.

The Rachis team will run an audit and assessment of your current set up to determine the best and most effective technical solutions that will meet your needs. Once we understand your needs, we then tailor a solution using our partners like WebX, Microsoft and CISCO. After the system has been implemented, we provide hands-on training to your employees, to ensure they’re comfortable with the new system.

A digital transformation audit can include a number of helpful recommendations, including:

  • Updating current, existing technology
  • Investigating new technologies to streamline processes
  • Replacing non-digital and manual processes with digital processes

Digital transformation practices are crucial for all businesses; we recommend digital audits every two to three years to ensure you're staying up-to-date with the latest technology.

We invite you to speak with the team about how we can support your business to grow and evolve.